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Good morning I must reluctantly inform you that, due to the chaos that reigns in the markets and the abrupt increase in prices of ingredients and materials, Biscotti Morviducci temporarily suspends its activities in the hope of being able to resume them once the world has regained a semblance of normality.
Cookies are and remain my passion but, right now, there are no conditions to sustain the activity.
Big hug

Since 1941 recipes between tradition and innovation

Let me introduce myself,
I started the production of vegan cookies in Chianciano Terme
just a few kilometers from Montepulciano, Pienza and Montalcino
in the Siena province in Tuscany.

Morviducci Biscuits

Mine is a lifelong love affair with cookies. I grew up surrounded by cookers and pots always observing and studying what my maternal grandmother, Lina, was doing, she ran the kitchen of Albergo Centrale in Chiusi for more than 60 years.

Born in Cortona grandma was an exceptional chef, with a lively imagination and a recipe book full of memorable dishes both strictly faithful to her heritage but also open to various contaminations by foreign ingredients that some regular guests used to bring her from their journeys, recipes that still keep me company after 40 years.

The restaurant was well known but what made everyday a special day for us children were the biscuits she used to make daily. In recent years, after I became father, eager to offer my son the flavors of my childhood as well as healthy and natural food, I recovered some of my favorites recipes partially adapting some of those due to the need to exclude any animal ingredient.

These genuine biscuits are made with few ingredients sourced locally, without preservatives, coloring agents, aromas or artifices of any kind. Their main characteristics are the naturalness of the ingredients, their sincere flavours and their straightforward appearance.

It gives me the chance to pay homage to my grandma and to make available to those whom, out of necessity or choice, had to exclude animal ingredients from their diet, biscuits that are good and healthy.

Morviducci Biscuits

  • No animal ingredients

    No animal ingredients

  • No palm oil

    No palm oil

  • No hydrogenated fats

  • No O.M.G.

    No O.M.G.

  • No preservatives

    No preservatives

  • No colours

    No colours

  • Morviducci Biscuits Breakfast

    Biscotti Morviducci 04

  • Morviducci Biscuits Breakfast

    Biscotti Morviducci 02

  • Morviducci Biscuits Tea Time

    Biscotti Morviducci 01

  • Morviducci Biscuits Pic-nic

    Biscotti Morviducci 03

  • Morviducci Biscuits

    Biscotti Morviducci 05

My lifelong
love affair
with cookies

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    With hazelnuts, olive oil and liquor wine

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    With dark chocolate and seasalt

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Tradition and passion

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