The story

Mr. Benharti was born in Morocco, he came to Italy with the allied forces during WWII and later started a trade business buying fabrics made in Egypt and selling them to Italian manufacturers. He was a regular customer. His arrival always coincided with the distinctive aroma that filled the hotel hall, his coffee with cardamom, which he always carried with him, he didn't drink espresso or moka coffee.

That aroma was so intriguing that, after an extensive pressure from us children Lina asked Mr. Benharti some of his coffee and cardamom mixture to make some cookies. That recipe, with some adjustments, is the one you can taste today.


  • Wheat flour

  • Cane sugar
  • Margarine (vegetable fats: coconut; vegetable oils: sunflower; water)
  • Instant coffee 1.5%
  • Raising agents: ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate

  • Cardamom essential oil 0.002%
  • Salt

  • May contain traces of treenuts, milk, eggs and soy

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