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Orange and cinnamon cookies were a Christmas holidays classic, as often happened, right before the Christmas break, regular customers used to present Lina with unusual ingredients they discovered during their business trips.

On one of these occasions Mr. Gualtiero, a salesman from Venice, brought her ginger powder and turmeric powder, suggesting to use at least the first in her orange and cinnamon cookies.

Lina made three different batches in the first one she added only a bit ginger, in the second only a bit of turmeric and a bit of both in the third. Mr. Gualtiero tasted the three variations, the one you taste today is the one he preferred.


  • Wheat flour

  • Semi-whole wheat flour

  • Cane sugar
  • Margarine (vegetable fats: coconut; vegetable oils: sunflowers; water)
  • Orange fruit tea 2.2% (rosehips, hibiscus , apples, orange peels, flavour)
  • Ginger 0.7%
  • Turmeric 0.6%

  • Cinnamon 0.5%,
  • Raising agents: ammonium hydrogen carbonate, sodium bicarbonate

  • Salt

  • May contain traces of treenuts, milk, eggs and soy

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