The story

One of the worker at Hotel Centrale was my Grandma Lina's cousin, Adelanna, whom we all called aunt Adelanna.

She was a spinster, she never got engaged and always wore full make up waiting for an unlikely prince charming. She loved to put on rose water which she took great care in making.

Lina, who sometimes was a real piece of work, decided to play a trick and while she was at the hairdresser, like every Tuesday for that matter, took a little bit of rose water (a lot, to say the truth) and used it to make a cake and biscuits, filling the entire hotel with rose scent.

Adelanna easily found out what had happened and got quite a bit upset, but after we children brought her a tea with rose water biscuits, Lina was forgiven.

These cookies still remind me of aunt Adelanna.


  • Wheat flour

  • Rose water 18% (distillate of rose, distilled water)
  • Sugar
  • Margarine (vegetable fats: coconut; vegetable oils: sunflower; water)
  • Raising agents: ammonium hydrogen carbonate, sodium bicarbonate

  • Salt

  • May contain traces of treenuts, milk, eggs and soy

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